What We Do

Originating from Latin, Locum Tenens means “to hold the place of, to substitute for.” The concept has industry proven benefits in the medical arena as it helps solves a wide set of problems, and more importantly, ensures that healthcare facilities continue under a diverse set of circumstances. Your physician could be going for a vacation or there might a seasonal hike in cases of a certain disease each year, in such a scenario, the concept of Locum Tenens makes it immensely easier to navigate around these staffing problems. WNY MedPlace is engaged as a local locum staffing agency and provides innovative staffing solutions in high demand specialties.

Locum Tenens Physicians

Find the best opportunity that matches your requirements while being engaged with WNY MedPlace. With us, you can also gain access to thousands of highly experienced and qualified physicians and recruit them while being located anywhere in the country for locum, locum to perm or direct hire staffing needs.


Advanced Practice Clinicians

We strive to serve all med-care staffing and placement requirements by providing highly qualified advanced practice clinicians which include certified registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists and certified nurse midwives and more. With the best packages and most relevant recruiting resources, your next locum assignment is far easier than you might think.


WNY MedPlace is highly involved in making the processes of finding the best talent and recruiting them for your direct hire or locum needs as easy as possible. Our highly competent and free online job portal will enable you to connect with thousands of qualified practitioners and post unlimited job postings. The facilities on offer don’t end here as we even offer customized job alerts, CV building tool, anonymous email service and more.


WNY MedPlace assists both recruiters and professionals with the best and industry standard work methodologies. We adhere to strict ethical standards and are there to understand, help and safeguard your rights and interests. Our professional locum staffing agency will be your acting representative in all recruiting and employments needs and strive to ensure you are satisfied with the opportunity or candidate we set you up with.